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About tobspr Games

We are an independent game development studio founded in 2018 by Tobias Springer (tobias springer). Starting with a focus on webgames, the first game was a tower defense game called "". Since the hit shapez, an automation and factory simulation that sold over 500,000 copies on PC and now has over 9,000 reviews with 97% positive ratings, the focus is now 100% on Steam.

Note: We often receive inquiries about how to pronounce the name of the studio correctly. We actually don't know! So you can pronounce it however you want :)

We value our players more than anything else, and we want to create games that our players love.

The Team

We are currently 8 people from Germany and Brazil. We work full-remote, but from time to time we come together as a team, like here for example at Gamescom!

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For all press-related communication, please reach out to You can find the presskit for Shapez 2 here.

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To request keys or sponsorships for our games, please reach out to