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About tobspr Games

tobspr Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2018 by Tobias Springer (tobias springer). Starting with a focus on webgames, the first game was a tower defense game called "". After it became clear that a much larger player base could be built on Steam, the concept switched to a hybrid approach: demo on the web and full version on Steam. Since the hit shapez, an automation and factory simulation that sold over 430,000 copies on PC and now has over 8000 reviews with 97% positive ratings, the focus is now 100% on Steam.

For the current project Shapez 2, which is also partly funded by the German government, we are currently looking for new team members, so that we can grow from currently 6 to eventually 9 full-time team members.

Note: We always receive inquiries about how to pronounce the name of the studio correctly. We actually don't know! So you can pronounce it however you want :)

Press Contact

For all press-related communication, please reach out to You can find the presskit for Shapez 2 here.

Game Keys & Sponsorships

To request keys or sponsorships for our games, either request them on Keymailer or reach out to


We are a small indie game studio with a passion for factory and automation games. If you want to join a highly motivated team, an awesome community and have an impact in the factory game genre, then apply! We are also open to speculative applications if you think you would be a good fit.

Important Note: We can only recruit staff with permanent residence in Europe.

Game Quality Assurance - DE

We are looking for support in the area of Quality Assurance. Our current focus is "Shapez 2", a factory and automation game that will be released on Steam in 2024. If you are interested in factory & automation games and located in Germany, be sure to check it out!

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