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About the game

shapez 2 is the long-awaited successor to shapez, a management and puzzle game currently available on Steam.

Our goal with shapez 2 is to create a worthy successor to our original title - one which has a much higher production value, more content, better replayability and, crucially, looks more visually pleasing.

Though we're currently at the beginning of our development process, we've already got a solid vision for the game - one that we'd love to share with you and get your feedback on!

Stay informed

Follow our Steam publisher page to get notified when the Store page goes live, the early access launch as well as the 1.0 release!

On YouTube we will post new trailers as well as reveals of new mechanics!

On Twitter we will post about any changes to the release plan, as well when we are looking for new beta testers!

And if you're interested in up to daily progress updates, there's no getting around the shapez 2 discord server! (Warning: Frequent pings and surveys!)

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So, what's new?

WARNING! Everything we show here is planned content. While we certainly try to include everything in the game, we can't guarantee that every feature will make it into the game, especially not in Early Access!

2D + 3D

shapez 2 will, by default, have a 3D view. However - we know how crucial being able to build efficiently is, so you will be able to seamlessly toggle between 2D and 3D!


Complementing our new 3D view, shapez 2 will also feature multiple layers! Whilst in shapez there was only one additional layer (the wires layer), shapez 2 will provide players with up to 3 layers to switch between. You'll be able to place buildings, conveyor belts, and wires on each of them! (And, don't worry if you like to keep things simple - the additional layers are completely optional!)

View into the machines

Whilst shapez only had ‘closed' buildings (which could sometimes make it difficult to see what was going on!), in shapez 2, all buildings are ‘open' - allowing you to see exactly how your shapes are being processed! This is a big one for us - and we're hoping it'll make it easier for new players to get into the game. It'll be a much more visual process!

New engine, better performance, better accuracy

We're writing shapez 2 completely from scratch in an entirely new engine! This'll allow us to maximise performance (using all available cores & GPU power), leading to vastly improved performance, even with our new 3D visuals. (It's actually insane to us how many different buildings shapez could handle, considering it's basically a website!)

Map Biomes

shapez had a very uniform map (which severely limited exploration) - and that's something that we wanted to change this time. shapez 2 will have a number of different biomes dispersed throughout the map - making exploration more interesting, and more lucrative!

This feature works well with our next one… Mass Transport!

Under Development!

Mass Transport

With the addition of new biomes, you'll be needing new infrastructure to transport your resources over long distances! In shapez 2, there will be a mass transport feature unlockable through the research tree. (More on that later!)

Whilst these may not look exactly like trains, they'll behave in a very similar way!

Under Development!

Pipes & Fluids

Another new addition for shapez 2 - pipes! Not only will there be a number of new fluids, but colors will be fluids rather than being transported on a belt. (Not to worry, though - you'll still be able to package them on belts with a new building that we're introducing!)


Research Tree

On the topic of replayability, we're introducing a new research tree - featuring a number of branches designed to make progress less linear! Whilst there will still be a main branch (i.e. cutters, rotators, pipes, stackers), there will be additional sub-branches, allowing you to focus on each of the available buildings and unlock upgrades for them (for example, the 180-degrees rotator is an available upgrade after unlocking the default rotator. You don't have to unlock it, but if it looks useful to you, go for it!)

Under Development!

Blueprint Library

This was a feature that was actually planned for shapez, but sadly never made it into the original game. We'll fix this in shapez 2 by adding a complete blueprint library, as well as the ability to load/share blueprints easily!

Under Development!

... and more!

Modding Support

shapez 2 will of course have modding support - and this will be designed from the ground up to be easy and accessible!

New Shape Mechanics

shapez 2 will introduce at least one more shape mechanic (the goal is to have at least 2) - more details await below!

Multiple Game Modes

As part of our focus on replayability, shapez 2 will have multiple game modes - each one shaking up your experience in a different way!

Hexagonal Shape Mode

This mode will, rather than including 4-part shapes, include 6-part shapes!

Exploration Mode

We're also planning a mode where buildings cost shapes to construct, and you'll need to unlock space on the map with shapes in order to explore!

Customizable Game Creation

You'll also be able to configure the map appearance, resource spawning, difficulty and a lot more - allowing you to play the game exactly the way you want to!

All-new Soundtrack

Last but not least, we're including a whole new soundtrack in shapez 2 - brought to you by the same composer as in our original title!

Price Point

We also wanted to add a note about price point. We're planning to start shapez 2 in Early Access at a price point of $/€19.99. With our 1.0 release, we're planning on increasing the price to reflect the additional content we've added.

Our updated price reflects our higher production values than in our original title, as well as the additional content and features that are on offer. Our team has expanded since the original title, and we do hope that our amazing community understands this increase!

Sounds interesting?

If this has gotten you excited, we'd love for you to join the shapez 2 prototyping discord for almost daily progress updates on the game! We'd also love for you to follow us on social media so you can stay informed on shapez 2's development!

Looking for something to play until shapez 2 is released?

We recently released Kiwi Clicker on Steam, it might be worth a try to pass the time until you can play shapez 2! DangerouslyFunny also made a video about it!

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